The market is red hot here in the Triangle but you still need the right plan to get top dollar.

I do thorough research to price your house right for a quick sale yet not leave any money on the table. The right price will encourage multiple offers and can net an offer over asking price!

Condition is king in todays market. Today’s buyers want a clean, neutral, move-in ready home. I am here to help you with decluttering, staging and repairs. I have professionals that I can recommend that will assist in all these areas.

I handle all the photography. Some homes I photograph myself while others I hire a professional. The right photos can sell your home before buyers even step foot in the house.

We will of course seek the highest price but we must also scrutinize all the terms of a sale. A financed offer will have an appraisal to consider so a offering price way above ask might not be the smartest move for a smooth closing. An offer with more down payment and due diligence money might be our best bet. I am always here to advise on best ways to proceed. A smart negotiating strategy will help us get more for the house with the least inconvenience.